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MANI Organic Virgin Olive Oil 1.5 L Tin

MANI 100% virgin organic olive oil is a kitchen hero:Excellent for warm cuisine - suitable for cooki..

29,99€ Ex Tax: 27,26€

MANI Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Selection, 5 l tin

The secret of our quality we owe to the world-wide unique combination of local factors, the high int..

99,00€ Ex Tax: 90,00€

MANI Organic Green Olives in Olive Oil, 4,7 kg tin

These organic, Naturland Fair certified Konservolia olives have a firm, crisp texture and exude a wo..

64,00€ Ex Tax: 58,18€

MANI Organic Kalamata Olives in Olive Oil, 4,7 kg tin

These exquisite Naturland Fair certified organic Kalamata olives are prepared in the traditional way..

75,60€ Ex Tax: 68,73€